Nikon Do It Again

When I received an email from Nikon telling me they’d released a couple of new DX-format lenses I was almost excited.

On closer inspection, however, I discovered that these two new lenses were essentially identical. Both to each other and to previous lenses.

So now the Nikon DX stable has swelled to 23 lenses. Five of them are f3.5-5.6 18-55mm. Of the 23 lenses, 22% of them are the Same Thing.

The f3.5 Collection
The f3.5 Collection

Another Attempt at a Blog

Over the years I’ve tried maintaining a self-programmed blog several times, and none of them have been successful!

So I thought, rather than redesign my website yet again, I’d start over with a pre-made content manager and add to it when I can be bothered.

At the moment I’ve got the taking photographs bug again (I hesitate to call what I do “photography” as that implies a degree of skill I sadly lack), so this site affords me a platform from which to share the snaps I’m not too ashamed of.

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